if your uncle looks weird your uncle's fucking weird don't sit next to him


He [Jeffrey Dahmer] rarely talked to his defending counsel [Gerald Boyle], but sat compliantly between Wendy Patrickus and Ellen Ryan [Boyle’s associates] day after day, answering monosyllabically when either addressed him. These two young ladies in fact knew him very well by now. They had seen him on a regular basis for over six months and had shared the gradual revelation of his iniquity. They had talked to him longer and more often than anyone else. […]
It took a long time for she and Miss Patrickus to gain Dahmer’s confidence, or rather his relaxed acceptance of them. At the beginning, he had behaved as someone totally unfamiliar with human contact. He did not know how to find it or deal with it, especially with two young women. He was docile, polite and accommodating, but in no way socially forthcoming. They felt that he was capable of friendship, and had never been offered it before. So they preserved, quite apart from the demands of the job, in getting him to relax without bullying. After six months they conceded that he was “a nice guy” […].
He would pay gracious, slightly embarrassed compliments, such as (to Miss Patrickus) “You look nice today”, or (to Miss Ryan) “That’s a snappy necklace you’re wearing.” He was like a novice in learning the social graces. Ellen and Wendy said it was “lovely to see him open out and relate.” For his part, Jeff Dahmer told them "You know, you are the closest friends I have had in my entire life."

- from “The Shrine Of Jeffrey Dahmer”, by Brian Masters
Oh my god, imagine Jeffrey Dahmer saying “That’s a snappy necklace you’re wearing” to you


A section of Jeffrey Dahmer’s brain preserved in a jar for study.


Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment.


What Neighbors Had to Say About Jeffrey Dahmer:
“He never looked you in the eye.  He always looked down.” - Henry Barnett
“When I saw him, he always acted like a normal person … I used to hear him over there, talking to himself, cussing to himself, talking real loud, and I knew he didn’t have anyone over there.” - Pamela Bass
“He was a little weird … kind of a square guy.” - Vernell Bass
“He was just a quiet guy who kept to himself … He was kind of dirty and he’d walk through the alleys at all hours of the night.  I thought he was a little strange, but this goes beyond strange.” - Anonymous 
“Just a normal white guy.” - Anita Lusk


Human skin mask found in the house belonging to Ed Gein.
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